Insights & Ideas

Our heart beat. The four-page, monthly Insights & Ideas mailed to you at school. So, you can pick it up, carry it around, share it, and read it when it is good for you. (In addition to the “hard” copy, we will send the PDF on request if you want it to read on your device) For a free sample of Insights & Ideas mailed to you and to sample the weekly Yes! Memo, click here.

Articles and Editorial Plan

September topics:
“Solutions for Struggling Students.”
“Personal Core Values for Sustainable Service.”
“The Power of Presence.”
“Two Simple Actions to Increase Learning Now.”
“The Distinct Roles and Responsibilities of the Principal.”

The October issue includes:
“Department Heads for Growth, Quality, and Sanity.”
“Make School Work with Your Own Children.”
“A Ten Month Plan to Prepare for 2017/18 Academics.”
“Choosing Yourself for the Good of Your School.”

A sample of other topics for the 2016/17 year:
“Student Surveys of Faculty for Growing Teacher Quality.”
“Using Biblical Truth for Pedagogy and Operations.”
“Removing Faculty and Staying Friends.”
“Two Simple Steps to Increase ACT and SAT Scores.”
“Beautiful Public Programs to End the Year.”
“Cooperate with the Creator in Curriculum Design.”
“Prepare a Comprehensive New Teacher Program.”
“Parent Partnership through Listening and Leading.”
“Following God’s Call to Another Place.”
“Growing a Guidance Program in a Small School.”

General Content of Insights & Ideas

People. Hire, fire, fit, grow, guide, supervise, disciple, discipline, policies, community, schedule, care, evaluate…any topic related to teachers, students, and parents. The people who make up school.

Principal. The role, how it works with other roles, resources, particular needs, preparation, career, clarity, leveraging…what it is to be a principal or leader and how to make the role function well.

Plan. Organizing, ordering, activities, calendar, trips, schedules, budget, presentations, public events, arts and athletics…topics that help you nail events and the details of running school or its parts.

Provision. Resources, purchases, facilities, data use, registrar, records, fund raising, books, supply lists…whatever is needed to gather, organize, and distribute for success. Things and information.

Pedagogy. Teaching, learning, engagement, student success, biblical worldview, classroom management, assessment…fresh or classical, but always proven and practical. Ideas on teaching so that all children learn.

Perspective. Trends, ideas out there and new ideas in here, places to look, books, video, conferences, discernment, philosophy, the big picture…topics that help you look around broadly. Know you are in a battle but not alone. With hope.

Personal. Your life, stress, family, balance, money, planning, health, longevity, church, spiritual life, daily living, leaving…anything that will help you be healthy, thrive, and enjoy long term success and joy in the work.

Power and Peace. Rooted in Jesus and His Word, the Bible. Empowered, led, encouraged, comforted, convicted, and taught by the Holy Spirit.  We can’t give power and peace to you, but the Living God can and is the One who makes our lives and schools different. We want to keep looking together at how we can enjoy Him and His power and peace in our lives and schools. We just want to help point more of ourselves to Him. To make less of us, more of Him. In all parts of The Principal Connection and our schools. This is who we are. It is how you and your school are different and valuable to our families and world. Using His truth and empowered by His Spirit gives power and peace to you and for your school.