Fresh and Free

Yep. All we can find. And, this benefit will grow as we collect resources in one place for Christian school leaders. For the moment, resources are shared in our weekly Yes! Memo, but will migrate to a member only spot on in 2017 with an expanded collection in one place for easy use.

We are scanning the world for fresh and free ideas and things to show you or give you. Whether it is an article, a book, or a service that might help. We will let you know. We point you to relevant and useful ideas and things from all over. We are building partners to create some reciprocal deals for you. More to come on that.

We want to be the place you can go for a collection of links, things, and resources. It is amazing what God is doing throughout the world in Christian school education and sometimes we don’t know they are there. Let’s get as much as we can in one place, for you. Things like…

  • A list of Christian school organizations. Many don’t know each other or how to get in touch.
  • A list of services like us that can help you. We don’t mind if they seem to be “competition.” We share the same scoreboard in the end.
  • A list of books and materials that we, or others, think you should know are out there. With reviews.
  • Blogs and emails that you can follow that you might not know about.

Suggestions for organizations, blogs, books, people, or other resources to add are welcome.
We are working to be a real Connection for you with anything that will help.