Why Join?

Here are five reasons you or someone you know needs The Principal Connection.

  1. The principal is the most important factor in student achievement and school success. The principal empowers faculty, encourages students, partners with parents, and makes learning and mission happen every day.
  2. Principals are extraordinarily busy. More and more is added to the principal’s role, with increasing expectations. The Principal Connection delivers what is needed in a way that fits the busy life of the principal and makes life work professionally and personally, with the goal of joy and sustainability.
  3. There is little direct support for the principal. There are options to support the traditional financial, board, and vision roles of the “head of school” (although many heads also have the principal roles). And, there are good resources for teachers. But little is available for the one who puts it all together in daily life and lives with the responsibility to achieve success, face-to-face every morning and night.
  4. Time or money is often scarce for principals to invest in ideas and growth that supports them and their unique roles. The Principal Connection does the work of gathering and bringing you fresh research and resources with an economical investment of time and money that bears rich fruit in the leader’s life. We fit what we do to your time and budget.
  5. A Christian school leader who wants to begin with biblical truth has even fewer resources. While there is some helpful research and practices from companies, they rarely start with God or consider the truth of God’s Word.  The Principal Connection is designed specifically for Christian school principals and takes seriously the truths of God’s Word while bringing the best of a wide range of research and practices. Just for the Christian school principal and others who lead education, faculty, students, and parents.