Yes! Memo

Delivered to you inbox each Monday to start your week. A memo about principal things and leading that uses true stories of life in a Christian school. Usually a problem and a solution. Sometimes a comedy, with a happy ending. Sometimes a tragedy, where it doesn’t work out so well.

Often the stories begin with quotes from real emails in real schools. Just another time and place. Sometimes they are stories we have heard or read or seen, but always real life.

Much of the time the Yes! Memo joins the chorus who says that “truth is stranger than fiction.” Or, at least you can say, “Yeah, so nice to know your world is messy like mine.”

Always, with the goal that you can say, “Yes!” Because you relate. Or, you agree. Or, you know it can be you someday. Or, that we see God’s truth in it. Or, we use God’s Word to understand it. Or, we learn from it.

“Yes!” always because it is real and true. Knowing God is in all this stuff, as we learn and grow, fight the battle, and know He is in control.

A loud “Yes!” because it all is His story in our lives and our school. And, sometimes we see why and sometimes we don’t. But, always, “Yes!” because He is. And was. And, is to come. In our lives and our schools.

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